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Belguim Pro League

Note: Prices displayed may vary depending on formation, price fixing and the current market.

Habib Habibou:

Besides having an awesome name, this man is my first-choice striker for any silver French or Belgium Pro League side! A perfect side kick for any striker with some pace!
PACE – I found that his pace feels slightly faster than the 82 given on the card. You definitely feel the 85 sprint speed come into play when chasing down a through ball or going past defenders. Once he gets up to speed, there is no stopping him! 8/10

SHOOTING – His shot is solid for a silver, and he can finish from outside the box with ease. Despite the lack of curve, he has great placement, and his 82 finishing is decent for a 72. For a silver player, his long shots are superb, and I hit several from 35+ with him. 7.5/10

PASS – Better than advertised. He often sprung the other striker (Lacazette, in my case) from excellent through balls. 8/10

DRIBBLE – Exquisite! This is what makes him my favorite silver striker! He can control the ball in the box with ease, and takes good first touches. He is hard to push off the ball due to his decent size and great strength. 9/10
DEFENSE – pffft really?
HEADING – Standing at 6’2, he is a formidable aerial threat. Often, he seemingly comes from nowhere to pound a header past the keeper. He is also a big scorer off of corners for me. 8.5/10

– Fast enough
– Strong
– Good power shot
– GREAT dribbling and first touch
– Solid header
– Great name
– Perhaps the most intimidating picture in all of UT
– Lack of curve
– 2* weak foot isn’t really amazing
– 3* aren’t great, but enough to get the job done
I bought him for 35k, and after scoring 26 goals in 15 games for me, I would definitely say that he is worth it.

Ronlad Vargas:

Wow. Just wow. What an absolute TANK. Originally when I found him I thought he was just a chemistry filler, but after the first game, in which he scored 4 goals and got an assist, He clearly proved his worth.

I really don’t think I can find one bad thing about this guy. Amazing shooting, amazing passing, feels fast on and off the ball, 5* weak foot, close dribbling, agile, high balance and strength, positioning is fantastic. He is actually the top scorer in my squad, surpassing Quincy, Fetfatzidis, and Cyriac! He can score with ANYTHING, lefty, righty, backheel, even headers! This man is a god in fifa!  Probably my 2nd favorite silver player behind Chikhaoui.

-5* weak foot 4* skills
-Fantastic passing
-Feels MUCH faster
-Lethal finisher
-Always in the perfect position

-None that I could think of

pace: 79 – feels like 86
shooting: 70 – feels like 85
passing: 71 – feels like 87
dribbling: 81 – feels like 90
heading: 52 – feels like 70

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There is new FUT competition available for all FUT users on both PS3 and Xbobx 360 check out the link below for details:


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Wellington Silva Hybrid

Note: Prices displayed may vary depending on formation, price fixing and the current market

Wellington Silva :

I personally found Wellington Silva the best bronze player on the whole game.

I played him in a 3421 formation at LF where he (so far) has scored 27 goals in 26 games; this is down to 2 reasons:

1. Bronze tournaments have the ability now to not just be a ‘rest team tournament’ a place where you can go to cheer yourself up as a self esteem booster because of the amount of players teams you come across with a starter pack team where you can win 10-1.

2. He has many positives and only one negative (which some may even see as a positive) the positives are his pace, which even seems faster than 90, his amazing dribble, his finishing and his free kicks. The only con to his game is that he is not 4/5 star skills, but the players who do not use the ‘Ronaldo Chop’ ‘Wacka-Wacka’ and ‘Fake Rabona’ will see this as a postive, because his price  would rise by at least 30-40k.

Overall I honestly think he is by far the best bronze I have ever used on UT and at 10k; What a bargain!

Karleigh Osborne:

This guy right here, he’s the best bronze defender. he’s a tank. he got his strength, and also speed. he’s a beast.
Reasons why he’s a beast,

1st. he has a 81 sprint speed, just like felipe santana.

2nd. he got 86 strength.

3rd. with that speed and strength, he can easily catch up forwards.

4th. he’s only a bronze player and 64 rated

5th. he has a 82 acceleration.

6th. he’s an all around defender. he can also be a left back or a right back
last but not least, he has a 71 heading. quite good for a 64 rated bronze player.

buy him! he’s worth 30.000.

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MOTM emineke and mikel

Price: <300k

Note: Prices displayed may vary depending on formation, price fixing and the current market

Emmanuel Emenike:

Let me start by saying I was fortunate enough to get emenike MOTM in a pack, so obviously the cost was not an issue.
The most striking difference between the normal emenike and the MOTM one was the shooting. His shooting is immense. His shot power and long shots easily feel like 99 and I have found 8 in 10 shots from just outside the box fly in the top corner. So shooting is definitely a huge 10 out of 10?

The normal emenike’s dribbling was always his Achilles heel, and unfortunately this is still sort of the case for the MOTM. However with the boosted strength attribute (now 96 but feels higher as I am still yet to find a player in which the beast cannot shrug off) his dribbling is almost irrelevant as he just drives his way past the david luizs and sergio ramos’ of the game. So overall his dribbling is a 6 out of 10 but a 9 out of 10 with his strength taken into account.

Emenike’s heading was definitely a letdown on the normal card, however this is not the case for the MOTM. Those that have played with aguero will know what I mean when I say that the MOTM emenike has hugely over powered heading. Moreover, he never loses a header. Period. I am unsure whether this is because of his high strength stats or just simply because EA like to screw with players, but either way, from my experience I would rate MOTM emenike’s heading 10 out of 10.

Emenike’s pace speaks for itself and his in game performance feels true to the stats on the card. A single giant touch and you will be past most defenders (with the excepton of wynne). Pace 10 out of 10.
Passing and defending are the lowest on card stats and are noticeably poor in game. In all fairness however emenike is very rarely found defending with his low defensive work rate so I have not had much of an opportunity to make a strong opinion of his defending. Emenikes long passing is fairly inaccurate, however why would you pass it when a player with such strength, speed and shooting ability is on the ball. Defending 6 out of 10 Passing 7 out of 10.

Overall, if you have a spare 200K or if you do not, you should indulge yourself in this goal scoring machine, however only do so upon understanding that emenike is not a team player, he does not pass or help out his team mates, he just gets the ball puts his head down and runs through your opponent and 999 times out of a 1000 scores.
Emenike 10 out of 10.

John Obi Mikel:

72 Pace – A decent amount for a CDM I guess, if your a more attacking player then the obvious choice is Ramires, but as Mikel isn’t a attacking player then I guess it doesn’t matter. A bit of pace is helpful for when tracking back with a player and to be honest, this is one of the things Mikel really struggles at. If you come up against an attacker like Welliton or Remy with Mikel then you’re going to get shredded. I would recommend a pacey defence behind him as it’ll be much easier to cope with these sort of problems.

Pace is: 72
Feels like: 60-65
Rating: 6/10

58 Shot – I’ve scored 3 goals with him in 15 games so he’s not exactly a threat in front of goal, 2 of his goals were headers and 1 was a long shot Most of his other shots either went a mile over the goal, a mile wide of the goal or straight into the keepers hands. So yeah I did score a shot with him but I guess if your CDM’s your top goalscorer then your certainly doing something wrong!

Shot is: 58
Feels like: 58
Rating: 5/10

79 Passing – One of the only stats which feels like it should be. Mikel is practically one of those players who can make a stunning pass over the top of the opposition and 5 minutes later in the same match give away the ball because of a sloppy ball meaning the other player would score. For the most part it’s consistent though, as long as your team is good at passing as a overall then most of his bad passes won’t stand out.

Passing is: 79
Feels like: 79
Rating: 8/10

73 Dribbling – Not really sure about this one? I’ve only ever really taken on a few opponents with Mikel and I’ve been tackled every time, the stat doesn’t really matter I guess as he is a CDM.

Dribbling is: 73
Feels like: 65-70
Rating: 6/10

83 Defending – This is where Mikel really comes into his own! I’ve used quite a lot of CDM’s and in a defensive context, he’s the best I’ve used. His Low/High workrates mean he’s always in the right position to make his defending stats count. One of the things that I was most impressed with was the way he tackled. Lot’s of the defenders I’ve used have mainly just stuck a leg in to a tackle and not come out with the ball or they’ve slid in and totally missed the ball, Mikel just doesn’t do that. His tackles are solid and confident, every time I tackle with him he wins the ball and every interception he attempts, he wins the ball, setting up counter-attacks which mainly always resulted in a goal for me. Yeah, his defending is pretty much unreal!

Defending is: 83
Feels like: 87-90
Rating: 10/10

79 Heading – Pretty decent to be honest, he’s a tall guy so he wins a lot of headers at both ends of the pitch which is particularly important at the attacking end as corners are very overpowered this year. I can remember him taking on people like Kompany and Thiago Silva which he’d tend to win them quite a lot of the time.

Heading is: 79
Feels like: 83
Rating: 8/10

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Brazil Skill Team

Note: Prices displayed may vary depending on formation, price fixing and the current market



Wow. Seriously WOW. Ronaldinho is everything I wanted and more. Please don’t let his pace scare you away from this amazing player. He does not feel anywhere near that slow in game but with his dribbling and silky smooth 5 star skills you don’t need pace. His other stats? Well for one his shot is beautiful. His curve in game is upper 90’s making his shots dip and his free kicks blow your mind. If your in a good mood then aim your corner kicks with him towards goal. He is completed with great passing that is on par with players like Xavi and Pirlo.

Ronaldinho is one of the best players I have used so far in UT but I have to tell you why he gets a 9/10. Low work rates. He does not participate in the counter whatsoever and making runs is definitely not going to happen. I would suggest playing him in some sort of “center” center-mid like in a 4312. This way he can hangout basically in the center circle as a great outlet for your forwards.

I bought him for 2.2k and had to pay for a CAM to CM card but worth every coin in my opinion and I would definitely recommend him. Legend IRL. Legend in FIFA UT.


Santa is a cheap Thiago Silva and I do not say that lightly. His dominance in the centre of a back 3 is phenomenal for my Brazilian squad and it really does feel like taking candy from a baby when you tackle the opponent.

If you use him in Division One, you’ll encounter Emenike and unfortunately he’ll walk straight through because his fairly low strength stat so I like to team him up with a stronger player so he’s not found out too much.

His passing is also really poor, he will often give the ball away and this is what separates him from the likes of Silva.

He’ll win every header and standing tackle if you time them right, he’s a 6″4 wall.

Overall, you won’t find many better centre backs for that kind of money. If you’re looking to succeed but on a budget then ignore the 77 rating, he plays a lot better than that. However, if you want perfection, then splash the cash and go for Silva or IF Howedes.

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Silver BPL

Note: Prices displayed may vary depending on formation, price fixing and the current market



I always have my reservations about spending over 15k coins on a player because you wonder how they be worth it.

Although Pace seems to dictate the entire game, often you end up getting players that are nothing more than a quick pair of feet. You know the ones I’m talking about, they are ridiculously fast but at the same time, lacking in any type of skill whatsoever. Emmanuel Mayuka of Southampton is not one of those players.

Two of the most attractive qualities that Mayuka possesses are his four star skills which covers pretty much all the generic/easy to do moves and his five star weak foot which means that you can play him on the left or the right side and it’s not going to make much difference. His stats are enticing enough but the 5* weak foot gives you a plethora of options, especially when choosing his strike partner. He’s very nimble, agile and has got good balance. He runs at the same speed as Maikon Leite but gets up to that top speed a little quicker and he’s not as light weight as Leite.

He’s not the strongest of strikers and his dribbling could be a little higher if i’m nitpicking. If your playing him as a two, I recommend getting him a target man. Lukaku or Jerome or something with a little bit more to them either in strength or height because you will come up against strong central defenders that if they get hold of him could keep him quiet.

Overall I would rate Mayuka as a 9.5/10, and with better strength, he could easily be 10.


Kouyate is renowned for his high pace and being a solid centre half, I paid around 65,000 and played him in a 3-5-2, What can I say, he’s very good, But I guess you get what you pay for with that hefty price tag, He’s solid, He can catch anyone, He’s 6”3 with 88 Strength, and of course 80 Acceleration and 85 Sprint Speed, some other defensive stats include; 75 Aggression, 73 Interceptions, 78 Jumping, 77 Heading, 68 Marking, 71 Sliding tackle and 75 Standing tackle, he makes a solid defender across the board.

He does only have a Medium attacking and Medium defensive workrate, but I didn’t notice this, he was always there for me when I needed him, quality, If you’ve got the money, and you’re willing to spend, I would completely recommend, In my opinion he’s the best silver defender on the game, not just due to his pace, but because he’s great in every department, Not to forget he even has 68 short passing, which is actually quite good for a CB considering they’re not required to pass the ball miles up the field, He was a CDM on Fifa 12, but now converted to a solid, solid CB.

So once again to conclude: He’s a great purchase if you’re willing to pay, but please realize you’ll want a good team around him, not just some cheap players, otherwise you’ve just spent your budget on a solid CB. – 10/10